The day I realized I’m dating a man and not a guy.
I accepted your flaws and shortcomings like the little chaos in a city I love exploring.
When you shaved your beard and I still found you to be the most handsome man in the room.
My eyes welled up when I lost you and got my breath back to realizing it was only a nightmare.
My soul smiles when I see you from a distance
And my heart doesn’t pound but feels a sigh of relief.
When I dance knowing I’m seeing you tonight.
Knowing that commitment to you is also committing to myself- important and effortless.
The world is beautiful when imperfections and sober love put sense in me.
To run to you when I’m being a birdbrain for nothing.
The little unexpected gestures that stay with me long after gone.
Knowing that I was always complete but your presence perfectly enhances my life.
To feel emboldened and grown and knowing that its blanket is only going to be heightened.
This is meraki, what we do for each other, unconditionally.
The caliber to endlessly touch upon every nitty gritty about us and take pride in it.
To know all of this, is to know that I am in love with you.

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Every window is a screen and the world is a movie. I want to paint mine with words and photos!

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