That’s the thing about books. They’d never make you feel left behind. The smell of the papers and the pleasure of meeting characters you never knew could make an everlasting impact on your life is not something any other medium can do. I live in the generation of Kindles and movies and series adapted from books but I’d still prefer sitting down with the thick, maybe a second hand bonded book with yellow pages or even taking it along with me when I am exploring the world. Because maybe I really want to meet those characters and experience their life. I want that escapism, I want to go to another world on a bad day. I can’t say I trust books more than any other person because it is another person in some corner of the world who is writing or who is in the story relating to me or playing my saviour, just teaching me another lesson or giving me a meaningful insight. I think books are my medium to meet these people in a world where 7 billion people live. I think books help me find people that I really need more than any social media could ever do.

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Every window is a screen and the world is a movie. I want to paint mine with words and photos!

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