I started #100DaysOfWalking in May and here I am today! I got this idea from my sister Ridhima Gupta. The minute I saw her Instagram story, I told her I’m going to do this too.

Although the picture speaks for itself, I want to give an idea of how I went about this transformation. I’m still not at my dream figure yet but I’m happy I put in the last 100 days to reach here and I will continue doing so to lose a few more kilograms.

Firstly, I had no motivation. The “before” picture is of a photo shoot from April. Thus, the makeup- no makeup difference in the two pictures 😛

Anyway, even though I looked like a potato, there was no motivation to turn into a French fry. The teasing from peers didn’t work, nor did the concern of my parents. I knew I want to lose weight, I just wasn’t getting how. That’s when I decided to buy a smart tracker watch. Honestly, I wasn’t preparing to be an athlete so I wanted to be tight on the budget. I started looking for options on amazon, flipkart etc.

I found Fast Track Reflex, liked its features and it was very well in budget; just close to 2,000 INR. And no, that is not expensive because the watch comes with the manufacturer warranty of a year. To break it down further, if I consider that I only used it for the past 100 days, it still comes down to only 20 INR a day. If many of us we can spend 200 INR on an average daily for risking our health by eating junk food, we can certainly spend 20 INR a day on our health.

While it has many features, to only know how many steps I have walked daily and how many extra calories I have burnt was a great motivator. My target was 15000 steps a day. It included working out, walking down to my class, going to the market for groceries or wherever else I got a chance to walk.

My second barrier was the monsoon. A little research on YouTube and I found Leslie Sansone’s walk at home videos. Problem solved!

The next big question was my diet. Believe me, I have not missed pizzas or pani puri or lays or any food that you can name. I had them all because I did not want to get into a diet regime where my body loses the habit of these foods and then I gain weight again once I start eating them later! All I did were two simple things-

  1. Eating a lot of fibrous and nutritious food in the mornings that included green leafy veg juice, sprouts, raw salads, fruits. And anything else that you can find that’s as healthy as these are. Your options definitely increase if you are a non-vegetarian!
  2. After 5 in the evening, I ate whatever I felt like but just didn’t go all out with it. I had controlled portions on most days. There are days when I have over cheated too. But on most days, I found myself having a calorie deficit.

Yes, calories deficit is the formula! No matter what you do and what you eat, as long as you have a healthy calorie deficit at the end of the day, you are going to lose weight and not affect your health too! The idea is to focus on getting nutrition. Make sure you lose fats and build muscle mass and not the vice versa.

Take care of your health, it will take you places. Ignore it, and you can get stuck in a bed forever!

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