“I’m not sharing you”, she texted me

After I checked in in a café with her so-called foe

I said, “She cannot replace you!”

“How can you assure that? I’m easily irreplaceable!” L

“I don’t have a reason,

But I know you didn’t come into my life with any substitutes.”

“I still can’t believe you had to go with her.”

She went offline, without another sign


My best friend needed to know she’s my only sunshine

The milk of my day and my night’s wine

I texted back, saying-


“You’re irreplaceable, for no reason and for thousands too.

You know I obsess about tissue papers as much as my favourite celebrity

I like my sandwiches a particular way and how I crib about parity

You know about my 9th grade boyfriend and how I made a mess

Along the amateur heartbreaks and volumed up drama, only you’ve caressed.

You’ve sacrificed your sleep when I’ve cried in bed all night

Like a lady soldier, you’ll take up for me any fight!

We’ve run a dessert marathon just because we’re too cheap to directly buy them

And traveled across the city together to visit a café only in the name of fandom.

You’ve seen me in my underclothes and helped my look my best on a date

Other times we hog together giving zero attention to our weight.

So no matter how many friends I make, you have your spot glued

It cannot be scrapped off, even you know it, so cut off the drama dude!”

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